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Mario Mandalà - Department of Oncology and Haematology, Papa Giovanni XXIII Cancer Center Hospital, Bergamo, Italy

Mario Mandalà

Department of Oncology and Haematology, Papa Giovanni XXIII Cancer Center Hospital, Bergamo, Italy

Dr. Mario Mandalà received his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine, Catholic University of Rome, Italy. He is currently Head of the Melanoma Unit, Division of Oncology at the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, Italy. He was recently appointed Coordinator of the Mucosal and Ocular Melanoma Section of the Italian Rare Cancers Network. From 2011 he has chaired the scientific and organising committees of the Clinical and Translational Research Working Group of the Italian Melanoma Intergroup (IMI). Since 2008, he has given major contributions to ESMO, AIOM and ISTH clinical practice guidelines on the management of venous thromboembolism and solid tumours.

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Jean-Jacques Grob discusses the role of adjuvant therapy in the treatment of melanoma at ESMO 2017. Support: The filming of this video was supported by Novartis. 1. What are the most significant unmet needs in melanoma treatment? And what are the greatest controversies? 0:07 2. What is the...

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