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The touchONCOLOGY website provides a selection of resources to inform clinicians and patients about the latest developments in the field. The following are quick, non peer-reviewed, opinion-based updates addressing current trends and opinion on the most recent advances in the area of oncology:

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New Combined Treatment Options for Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma – The OPTIMISMM Study Katrina Mountfort, Senior Medical Writer, Touch Medical Media, UK
Tim Sheldrick, Account Director and Advisory Editor, Touch Medical Media, UK

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Paul Richardson from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School provides an overview of the key findings of the OPTIMISMM trial and discusses the need for new treatment strategies in multiple myeloma. 1. Why is there a need for new combinations of therapies in...
Muzaffar Qazilbash from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center talks to touchONCOLOGY about investigating busulfan plus melphalan as a potential combination therapy for high-risk multiple myeloma. 1. What was the rationale for using a combined busulfan and melphalan...
We catch up with our US Editor-in-Chief to discuss advances in molecular targets and treatment in multiple myeloma, as well as important updates in the latest NCCN guidelines. 1. What do you consider the most important unmet needs in the treatment of multiple myeloma? (0:11) 2. What...
James B Bussel talks about the unmet needs in the treatment of adult and pediatric ITP, and the recent finding of fostamatinib in adult persistent/chronic ITP.
Oncology & Hematology Review's Editor-in-Chief Shaji Kumar discusses his highlights from ASH 2017 and the most exciting developments in myeloma to look out for in 2018.
Dr Shaji Kumar reviews the rationale for targeting the BCL-2 protein in multiple myeloma (MM) and the results of the recent phase I study of venetoclax. He also discusses selinexor combination therapy and the role of minimal residual disease in assessing response to therapies. FILMED AT THE...


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