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Dr. Johnathan Engh discusses the benefits of Neuroendoport® surgery to remove brain tumors.
Dr. Annick Desjardins of Duke University discusses the retrospective focus on glioblastoma treatment and the use of bevacizumab.
Why the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis matters to patients with childhood medulloblastoma This presentation will outline the clinical presentation, diagnosis, pathobiology and current best treatment and outcomes of the most common mailgnant childhood brain tumour medulloblastoma. It will also...
Ways in which mice can be used to investigate the causes of malignant brain tumours.
Dr. Wendy Sherman, a fellowship-trained, board-certified neuro-oncologist with Spectrum Health Medical Group, explains some of the unique challenges involved with caring for and treating brain tumor patients. She, along with the Brain & Spine Tumor Center team, provides the latest, most...
Drs. Normand Laperriere and Mojgan Hodaie who work closely with brain tumour patients at Ontario’s only Gamma Knife centre.


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