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Joe O'Sullivan discusses the role of radium-223 in the mestastatic prostate cancer treatment paradigm. Support: The filming of this video was supported by Bayer. Disclosures: Joe O'Sullivan has participated in Advisory Boards with Bayer, Sanofi and Janssen.
Percutaneous bone ablation, peripheral cementoplasty and percutaneous osteosynthesis are several of the palliative and, in some cases, curative techniques that interventional radiologists use today to combat bone metastases in cancer patients. Julien Garnon, Dimitrios Filippiadis and Frédéric...
Thermal ablation is a valuable tool in the fight against lung cancers, offering a minimally invasive, reiterative treatment that is often suitable for patients who are deemed unfit for surgery or SBRT. Alice Gillams, Jens Ricke and Peter Kennedy discuss the advantages of the therapy, how it...
Interventional radiologists from around the world, along with many of their oncologist colleagues, attended this year's ECIO congress to learn more about advances in interventional oncology. Find out more about why they took part, and why they'll be joining us again in Bilbao, Spain for ECIO 2017....
Dr Linda Rossi - (Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands), talks to ecancertv at the 3rd ESTRO forum about her investigation into the comparison of coplanar and Non-coplanar beam plans as treatment for prostate stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).
Dr Weichselbaum talks to ecancertv at WIN 2015 about the therapeutic partnership being forged between radiotherapy and immunology.


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