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Reinhard Dummer

University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Professor Reinhard Dummer is professor of the University of Zurich and vice-chairman of the Department of Dermatology in the University Hospital of Zürich, Switzerland and is a key thought leader in worldwide cutaneous oncology. Currently, he is heading the Skin Cancer Unit and the Clinical Trial Unit of the Department of Dermatology. Professor Dummer began his medical education in haematology and oncology before successfully completing his dermatology residency in Würzburg, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland, in 1992. Professor Dummer’s principal research interests are molecular biology, immunology and immunotherapy of cutaneous malignancies, including cutaneous lymphomas and melanomas. He has published more than 677 papers with a cumulative impact factor of more than 5.787. He was past-president of the Melanoma Project Group of the Swiss Institute for Applied Cancer Research, 1999–2016, is a member of German National Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina) and is a past board member of the Society for Melanoma Research and past president of the International Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas. He is a founding and board member of the European Association of Dermato-Oncology, European Society of Medical Oncology, European Academy of Tumor Immunology, University of Zurich University Research Priority Programs, and past president of the European Society for Dermatological Research.

Authored articles:

European Oncology & Haematology
European Oncology & Haematology. 2018;14(2):78–9 DOI: