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As well as our peer-reviewed journals, we also provide video interviews, procedures and general updates on the latest trends within the area, as well as featuring carefully selected video from our partners.
  • Dr Lars Bastholt discusses lenvatinib for the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer.
  • Dr Frédéric Amant discusses surgery in ovarian cancer and the indications for fertility-sparing surgery.
  • Dr Marc Peeters, from our European Editorial Board, discusses the left/right position of colon cancer and how this affects prognosis and treatment.
  • Cancer researchers need to keep pace with new advances across the globe, and to have a national platform on which to share results of their own work. The NCRI Cancer Conference started in 2005 to...
  • Percutaneous bone ablation, peripheral cementoplasty and percutaneous osteosynthesis are several of the palliative and, in some cases, curative techniques that interventional radiologists use today...
  • Thermal ablation is a valuable tool in the fight against lung cancers, offering a minimally invasive, reiterative treatment that is often suitable for patients who are deemed unfit for surgery or...


The touchONCOLOGY website provides a selection of resources to inform clinicians about the latest developments in the field. The following are short, non peer-reviewed, opinion-based pieces written by key opinion leaders to express their current thoughts and opinions on recent advances in the area of oncology.

Insight New Study Recommends Pancreatic Cancer Screening for High-risk Patients Katrina Mountfort Touch Medical Media, Reading, UK
Insight MammaPrint Gene Assay Identifies Patients who can be Spared Chemotherapy Katrina Mountfort Touch Medical Media, Reading, UK
Insight New data presented on ASCO on the use of Eribulin in advanced liposarcoma Katrina Mountfort Touch Medical Media, Reading, UK